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Understanding Cannabis | concentrates
Inhalation (smoking or vaping)
Quick onset, less plant material consumed
< 1 minute
~40-90% Total Active Cannabinoids
~2+ hours
Distillate, isolate, shatter, wax, any other solvent-based extraction


Concentrates are highly potent cannabis products made by using a solvent, like butane or ethanol, to separate the active compounds from the plant material. They often contain very percentages of pharmacokinetic substances (cannabinoids & terpenes), and allow users to ingest almost no undesired plant byproducts during consumption.

The potency of cannabis concentrates is a dependent upon the raw plant material used as well as the solvent and extraction method employed. They provide a high dose of pharmacokinetic compounds and are frequently used to fill cartridges that fit a variety of vaporizer devices.

Because these products are made using harsh solvents that may not be healthy at certain concentrations, chemical analysis is necessary to ensure that the residual chemicals that remain are below a threshold for safe consumption.

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