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Understanding Cannabis | Flower
Inhalation (smoking or vaping)
Easy to dose, quick onset, widely available, convenient consumption
< 1 minute
~5-30% Total Active Cannabinoids
~2+ hours
“Sativa,” “Indica,” “Hybrid”


Cannabis flower, sometimes called the “bud,” is the raw, chemically-rich structure of the cannabis plant. It is the least processed form in which cannabis is often consumed. It has usually been dried, cured, and trimmed but has not been refined or augmented like other cannabis products.

The potency of cannabis flower is a dependent upon the plant’s genetic lineage as well as the growing method and environment. These factors will determine the chemotype, or chemical makeup of the plant’s buds, which consists of two categories of molecular compounds, cannabinoids and terpenoids (terpenes).

Through chemical analysis, we can identify the exact molecular profile of cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis flower. This complete potency profile helps doctors, patients, and recreational consumers track effects and learn which products are most useful for treating certain symptoms or achieving a desired physiological response.

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